Dhruba Guho

Dhruba Guho

Do You Know that the soothing voice of an artist of modern Bengali music, Dhruba Guha, has touched the heart and soul of millions of Bengali music listeners throughout the world? His first album “Shudhu Tomar Janno” (only for you) has already created a great impact in the music arena.

Dhruba released his first solo audio album in October, 2015 under composition of Mr. Torik Al Islam under record label C.D. Choise. His first music video “Shudhu Tomar Janno” was released on 1st January, 2015 as a new year’s gift followed by “Je Pakhi Ghor Bujhe Na” on 18th July, 2015 and are now the talk of the town and at the center of discussion amongst the music lovers. These have created a great sensation even at this early stage.

Next year will see the release of his 2nd audio album with best of collections. “I wanted a way to express my view to the people and rightly choose music as the perfect medium” , Dhurba said in an interview with a print media.

Dhruba has been learning Shastrio Sangeet meticulously from Ustad Abu Sayeed Biswas as he believes that it is the root of all classes of music. Professionally he is a Chief Financial Officer of Pioneer Insurance Company Ltd, a leading general insurance company in Bangladesh. Born in Ramkrishnapur, Homna, Comilla, Dhruba graduated from University of Dhaka and did Masters of Business Administration from University of Information Technology and Sciences.